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This blog probablymaybehopefully has a purpose, a point now. Let’s be honest, I wrote a piddly post or two and then abandoned it for the summer, much too busy slinging walleye and fetching drinks to make some $$ than ACTUALLY do something constructive, like write.

Buuuttt in GOOD news, I have been accepted to teach English in Madrid through a grant from the Ministry of Education of Spain. So, while I’m gone, I plan on regaling tales of my adventures, and hopefully starting to write bilingually (please don’t laugh at mi gramatica en espanol, it needs a lot of work.)

In less-than-good, or f***ing HORRENDOUS news, I’ve been waiting for my document from my employer in Spain for over two weeks, without which I cannot apply for my long-term student visa so that I can leave for Madrid (September 25-ish.) Which wouldn’t be a big deal, if it was a matter of popping my stack of crap in an envelope and zipping it off the the embassy. Oh no. This cat has to apply in PERSON, in Chicago. Graciiiiias Espana. To say that I’m mildly stressed about trying to arrange last-second trip to Chicago, followed by 1 month of packing up my life, tying up loose ends, praying my visa was approved, going BACK to Chicago and picking up my visa and booking a trans-Atlantic flight to Madrid on a handful of days notice is a severe understatement.

I’m so grateful to have gotten accepted into the position, after spending the entire summer on the wait list, but right now I’m having trouble seeing the forest through the trees. Actually, I’m having trouble breathing, and sleeping, and not bursting into panicky tears 5 times a day. I’m pretty sure that’s not socially acceptable in Minnesota or Madrid, so let’s hope that part subsides when I can finally get this shit finished.

Stay tuned. (probably for more bitching. but it gets better.)