I need a mantra. I need to meditate. I need anything besides a frontal lobotomy that is going to GIVE ME THE PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR THIS DOCUMENT.

It’s been a little over 3 weeks and still nada del ministerio. I should not have gotten my hopes up (again) when my contact emailed me and said that my document was finished but due to “electronic processing errors” would be here “the earliest the 21st of August” but, I did. And once again, another week has passed me by in bone-crunching impatience, checking my email at 6 in the morning, only to be crushed by 0 NEW EMAILS.

I understand the cultural differences. I understand that time delays in a bureaucracy are common if not expected, and that when coupled with a culture that places much less importance on timeliness than the U.S. (and from what I’ve heard from others, customer service in general) I have a recipe for tardiness.

Does this give me comfort?

NO. I don’t care! I wanted it YESTERDAY DAMMIT!!!

There is no real reason for the post, other than I need an outlet for my extreme frustration, and hells bells this is my blog and I’ll do what I want. Send good vibes I guess, though at this point I’d rather have a cattle prod.