I have skipped a few critical updates since my last post…

1. Magdalena, my only contact, quit working at the ministry without notifying me, and left me high and dry with no documentos.
2. I had a nervous breakdown.

Long story short, I received my documents (from some anonymous Ministry email address) and I successfully applied for my long term student visa at the Spanish Consulate in Chicago on Friday the 10th of September. The trip was absolutely exhausting (I took the megabus from Minneapolis-Chicago from 10:30pm to 6:00am on Friday, had my appointment at 10, then came back on the bus at 3 and arrived back in MN at 11pm.) The woman that received my app told me she hoped it would be done in two weeks flat, but obviously there are no guarantees.

I’m so happy I finally got to apply, even though I’m for sure going to miss my teacher orientation in Madrid (its the 25th of September) but I feel confident in saying I am actually GOING to be in Spain.

I would love to say this process has taught me patience, and made me more appreciative of cultural differences in time sensitivity and communication but….I’d probably be lying. Really, it just made me mad.

It wasn’t so much the waiting that pissed me off, it was the complete lack of acknowledgment that they (Magdalena, specifically) were in the wrong for promising dates, and never delivering faithfully. It would have been much better to say “Hey, the month of August is vacation month here in Espana, and literally every government employee is gonna lay on the beach all month. So forgot about getting what you need until September 1st at the earliest. Have a good summer!” rather than “Your documents will come next week…these things just happen sometimes. Honestly. Be patient ok?”

Next debacle: Buying a plane ticket, finding an apartment in Madrid, learning how to give a four hour presentation on language and culture to a bunch of primary school students. Uhhh…..