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Prologue: I drafted this post almost four years ago, when I first forayed into the blogging game before I left to work in Spain. I just recently found it and thought it would be fun to share (miraculously, it still accurately reflects my feelings on the subject.) Also, raise your hand in silence if you forgot what a vuvuzela is…I can guarantee you that you knew in 2010, hehe.
August, 2010

This being my maiden voyage into the sea of blogging, I’m trying to maintain a “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” attitude. BUT, I will admit to joining this adventure already possessing serious doubts about this medium. I keep asking myself “Do I NEED a blog?” but I think it is fair to say my real question is “Does blogging need ME?”

Maybe it’s my small-town Protestant upbringing (Jante’s law, in da house) but I find it difficult to believe that A. Anyone will actually care to read this and B. That they are wrong to not care. A quote from one of my Communication professors accurately encapsulates my doubts:

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one, and all they all stink.

My fear is that the booming popularity of personal blogs will only serve to inflate the egos of the already precociously self-absorbed Millenials, further encouraging the (mistaken) notion that all opinions are created equal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a card-carrying member of my tech-savvy generation: well-versed in the art of profile-making, content sharing, picture uploading and the like. I can surf internet links and their links and their links like a pro, and would probably expire of unquenched curiosity if I didn’t have the ability to Google every doubt that flits through my head. I’m a digital diva, just like the millions of other 20-somethings that crowd the interwebs with their self-important ramblings and thoughtful 130-character discourses on the world’s most pressing topics (Justin Bieber and vuvuzelas, for example.)

But deep down, my question remains the same: Who am I to presuming that people will give a rat’s ass about what I have to say, and why should they?

The answer, I suppose, will be told in time. (Assuming I actually post on this thing, that is.)